Top places in Las Vegas

Casino, expensive restaurants, high-class hotels, fun and entertainment. These words would come to our mind when we speak of Las Vegas. However, there is more to the luxurious city than what it is already known to many. More »

A Guide to Walking the Las Vegas Strip

When you take a walk along Las Vegas Strip, you step through different cultures and civilisations. From Egyptian pyramids to the Parisian Eiffel Tower, so many iconic landmarks have been condensed into one place. More »

5 Great Beaches to Visit During Your Holiday to Cyprus

Thanks to its fantastic climate, stunning scenery and friendly locals, Cyprus is a firm favourite with holidaymakers and a year-round destination for a bit of fun in the sun. More »

The Vast Indonesian Cultural Palette – Tips on What to Include in Your Trip

The term of “Indonesian culture” isn\'t one to do the country justice, because there is no such thing as a unified culture here, but a mosaic of influences and legacies, a rich palette to provide valuable experiences to any type of visitor. More »


5 Fascinating Cultural Body Modifications

Cultures around the world have given us fascinating and visually powerful images of people with modifications done to their bodies.  Some are relatively tame, some understandable, and some leave the viewer wondering why an individual would do that to themselves. The history of body modification can be traced back potentially thousands of years, and is

Visit Ohio – Why You Should Visit Ohio This Fall

When planning a vacation or a small break a question that a lot of people finding asking themselves is “Where should I go and visit?”. However, there is no one definitive answer to the question. This is because the possibilities and the suggestions that will be received are endless. Regardless of this a fantastic suggestion

Chantal Royer

Since ancient times, small inns have offered food to weary travelers that featured local fare. Eateries, cafes and pubs became more popular throughout Europe during the medieval years and onward to modern times. These places served food grown and caught locally as there were no safe and economic ways to preserve and transport foods from

Topflite planes –Making the Most of Flying Pastime RC Planes

While some people enjoy driving RC cars or boats as a pastime, many others just can’t repress the urge to collect and fly hobby planes. Building and flying RC planes is one of the most exciting and fulfilling pastimes; hence it’s obvious why both the young and the old love to fully indulge in it.

Family Vacations in Mykonos

Mykonos Island Greece has been known for quite some time as a hotspot for fine dining, fashionista shopping and all night clubbing but is it possible to bring a family to a location like this? Even more so is it a good idea? Without a doubt it is very possible to share the island paradise’s

Bespoke Vietnam Trips

Are you wishing to explore Vietnam and take in all the sites of this country that offers something to match every taste? From unique coastline views to enchanting and breath-taking green mountainous views, Vietnam has something for everyone. If you haven’t the time to spend on unplanned exploration then bespoke Vietnam trips can be arranged.

One Day of Fun in Byron Bay

People that decide to go to Byron Bay for a holiday should definitely entertain the idea of a car hire. This is the best possible way to make sure that all of the fun stops are covered. When vacationers have access to a car hire they can get just about anywhere that they want to

Safety Travel Tips

Popular travel destinations do not only attract a lot of tourists, they also invite muggers and a tremendous variety of scamming activities. Observing safety travel precautions makes the difference between travelling securely and travelling dangerously.  Whether you are vacationing in upbeat London or lounging in the silence of Luang Say Residence in Laos, these travel

Food and Much More in Thailand

Thailand is well known around the world for a variety of reasons, whether they are its cultural heritage, its partying destinations or its friendly people. However, food is a big part of Thai culture and the country has plenty of dishes that are delicious. Before World War II had ended, there were not many restaurants

Hire professional British Columbia SEO company for your website

To make sure that you run a successful business it is important that you stand out from the rest of the companies. In every business a person faces competitions and to make sure that you are one step ahead of the other competitors, you need to put all your energy and effort in to the